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Who is Aanicca Ventures?

Aanicca is a family of digital advertising solutions that works with their clients to acquire and engage new users at scale.

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How AdCommunal Can Help Your Brand?

AdCommunal, a division of Aanicca Ventures Inc., is a leading global provider of engagement-based advertising services since 2007.

Why pay foreyeballs, when you can PAY FOR ACTIONABLE RESULTS?

AdCommunal leverages their innovative advertising solutions and multiple publishing channels to help clients meet their performance goals – whether that’s Signups, Installs or Engagement – maximizing our client’s Ad Spend!

starsLeads star1B+ Daily Active Users
starsTrial Activations star1M+ Actions Per Month
starsEngagement star100% Performance Based

Offerwalls & In-App Rewards

Reward users for engaging with your campaign & acquire users at scale!

User is in an app playing a game, or using a utility, & is looking to get more points, lives or credits
User can either pay, or earn points by completing offers
User is presented with campaigns they can complete to earn their desired loyalty reward
User is shown information about the campaign and the actionable conversion flow.

Media Buying (DSP, Path, Push, Native etc.)

Stop paying for eyeballs… Pay for Actions!

AdCommunal has media buyers that will go out and arbitrage buys towards your CPA goals. Gone are the days of paying just to be seen, AdCommunal provides actual results and risk-free media buys for our clients!

desktop_windowsDesktop Display & Video
compare_arrowsPush Notifications
wysiwygIn-App Display & Video
phone_androidMobile Web & Linkout

Content Locking

Rewarding users with Content for engaging with sponsored ads!

Locked Content

User finds contbgstent that they would like to access, but is “locked” by the provider
Sponsored Ads

In order to access content, user can either purchase the content OR complete one of the sponsored ads
Complete Offer

User is then presented with a variety of campaigns they can complete to “unlock” the content

Once user completes the required action, the content is unlocked and they have access to your offer and their content!

check_circleLarge Scalability
check_circleHigh Conversion Rates
check_circleComparatively Low Traffic Costs!
OneworldtoGive     AdsDonate

One World To Give



Each time an action is completed, a donation is made to a charitable cause using a portion of our ad revenue.

LifeinStride     AdsFluence

Life In Stride



Content is King - Life In Stride & AdsFluence helps you achieve performance goals through content!

Why AdCommunal?

We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve sustainable growth!

Innovative Solutions

Only pay for the results you’re looking for!

Delivering Quality & Scale


Hello, Don here from Aventura Media.It has been our pleasure to work with Ad Communal over the past year.Its nice when you get to work with people that have professionalism and courtesy as their norm, rather than the exception.They are definitely on our "A" list.
  Don Roberts
ADCommunal The sheer volume of offers is great, The fact that my account rep is on Skype all the time makes it that much better. Do not hesitate to do business with ADC they are quickly becoming my favorite network.
Adcommunal has been one of the best networks I have worked with, they have great offers and new ones almost everyday! Their managers offer the most support out of all the networks I`ve worked with.

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